Aiou Assignment and Exam Marks Calculation

How to do Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment and Exam Marks Calculation ? How its work ?
its simple and easy You can do this calculation by yourself .

Aiou use this method to calculate assignment and exam marks To make final Conf. Marks

here is a Example :

Arabic : Total Assignment Marks : 337 out of 400    Exam Marks : 60 out of  100

So how we got 67 Conf.Marks ???

University adds 30% marks from assignments and 70% Marks from Exam marks.

Calculation Formula : 
1- Assignment marks multiply by 30 and then divided by Total assignment Marks

337 x 30 = 10110 now divide by 400 = 25.275 Assignment marks 30%

2- Exam marks multiply by 70 and then divided by Total Exam Marks
60 x 70 =  4200 divide by 100 = 42  Exam Marks 70%

3- now add them 25.275 + 42 = 67.275 Conf.Marks

Hope now you can understand how its works :)

ChildCareAnd Development:Total Assignment Marks :170 out of 200  Exam Marks : 52 out of 100

170 x 30 = 5100 divide by total assignment marks 200  5100/200 = 25.5

52 x 70 = 3640 divide by Total Exam Marks 100   3640/100 = 36.4

25.5 + 36.4 =  62 Conf.Marks

InformationTechnologyApplications: Total Assignment Marks: 146 out of 200  Exam Marks:70 out of 100

146 x 30 = 4380 divide by Total Assignment Marks 200  4380/200 = 21.9 assignment marks

70 x 70 = 4900 divide by Total Exam Marks 100  4900/100 =  49 exam marks

21.9 + 49 = 71 Conf.Marks

umeed ha app ko samaj aa gai ho gi :) nahi i to phir App ka Allah Hafiz hai . 


  1. assignment k total marks hoty kitny hain 200 na

    1. Half credit 200 or full credit book 400

  2. M.A islamiat ky total marks kitny hen 1200 hen ya is sey zeada hen?

  3. Aoa B.A general group k total 2 years k marks kitny hain???

    1. total marks subject pay depend karta hai app kitnay subject rakhtay hai

  4. Mere assignment marks kese calculate hon gy .
    1st assignment.83
    2nd assignment.81
    Presentation .80..
    Ab total net marks kese calculate hon gy

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  6. One subject k kitne marks hoty hain?
    Assignment +Exm 48+8=conflated 56

    Can I add all conflated marks or how? Plz

    I have 12 conflated Mark.

    How I get tolal marks
    For example. 200/134
    789/ 1200
    Plz reply..
    Or 789/1100

  7. How we can add all conf marks as a total.?

    I mean overall total marks..
    If we add all conf marks =970/?
    Can you explain Plz..

    1. what are you trying to say ? read the post .
      1- Assignment marks 337 out of 400 multiply by 30 ......
      337 x 30 = 10110
      and then divide by total assignment marks 10110/400 = 25.275 25.275 is 30% marks of assignment.
      now calculate exam marks
      2- Exam marks 60 multiply by 70 60 x 70 = 4200
      and then divided by Total Exam Marks 100
      4200/100 =42 42 is 70% of Exam Marks

      3- now add them 25.275 + 42 = 67.275 67.275 is Conf.Marks

    2. ap sher shah colony lahore se ho?

  8. Assignment submit nh ho pya mery ,tu Kia Mera semester clear nh ho ga??

    1. nahi, agar assignment mai fail to paper mai b fail tasawar ho ga beshak app 100 mai say 100 number lay lay. assignment lazmi hai.

  9. Mera assignment submit nh ho pya kia tu Kia Mera semester clear ho jya ga????

  10. Asalam o alaikum sir i have a issue m n B.A clear ki hai aur fees b jama ki hai but us m aik paper ka masla ta wo b clear kardia but abi tk degree ya certificate nh aia hai to abi asa koi process hai js se online apni dmc ko daika jai aur marks ka pta lagaya jai k kitnai percent hai full course

    1. g app aiou ki website pay jaye or result k section mai ja k sub say last mai option ho ga "Provisional Certificate" ka us pay apna web based certificate dhaikh saktay hai agar woh nhi show ho rha to "complete history "waly option pay click kar k apna complete result all semeste dhaikh lay.

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  12. how many marks are required to pass a subject??

  13. Aik semester ky assignment ky Ar aik paper ky kitny Mark's hon tou pass tswr ho ga

  14. Agar koi paper may fail or assignment may pass ha toh Kya who pass ho ga

    1. Nhi agar assignment mai pass hai to phir next semester mai wo Paper dubara day ga , assignment nhi likhay ga. pass honay k liya assignment or paper donu mai pass hona lazmi hai.

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  16. Agr apki ak assignment reject hojaye or dusri accept ak hi subject ki tu Kiya ap pass hungy


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